G-Products are used as filling and sub-base material under roads and paving.

We sell G4 base course, G5 sub-base and G7 filling, as products. Each product consists of a ratio of sand, clay and stones to form the product according to accepted South African standards.


G-Products are used in the construction of safe roads in the Western Cape, and as filling under floors, paving and sidewalks.

Aggregate Stone

From our dolomite quarry in Bridgetown, we produce 10mm mix, 10mm, 14mm and 20mm dolomitic aggregate stones, used in the civils and construction industries.


10mm aggregates are used in mortar mixes to manufacture bricks and blocks.

10mm mix, 10mm, 14mm and 20mm aggregates are also used in mortar mixes for flooring, foundations and in ready mix products.

Gravel Wearing Course

Gravel wearing course is a mixture of sand, clay and stone which is ideal for the construction of gravel roads.

We are proud to say that the gravel wearing course we produce at Lime Sales meets the TRH20 specifications for gravel roads in South Africa.


Gravel wearing course is used for the construction of gravel roads.

Road layer works

We can produce the materials required for layer works. Please consult with us for possible options.


Layer work products, made from crushed parent rock and partially weathered material, form the base and sub-base materials for various construction projects, such as roadworks and earthworks.

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