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Founded in 1978 just outside Moorreesburg, about 100km north of Cape Town, the Bridgetown Dolomite Mine (Lime Sales) is a major supplier of lime to the agricultural and construction industries.

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Welcome to Lime Sales

Lime Sales Ltd., is one of the leading producers and suppliers of dolomitic limestone products in the Western Cape.

We supply dolomite, calcite and gypsum to the agricultural, construction and civil construction industries. Aquarium Holdings acquired the majority shareholding in Lime Sales from SPH Kundalila in January 2022, adding to its shareholdings in other resource companies, such as Tip Trans Resources.

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A mining site view from the air.

Our Product Range: Lime, Gypsum and Aggregates

The Bridgetown Dolomite Mine has supplied over 3 million tons of metallurgical dolomite to date, as well as crushed and sold over 750 000 tons of agricultural lime since 1988.

Lime Sales offers a variety of products used in both the construction and civil construction industries, as well as in the agricultural sector. The dolomite-based products are mined and processed at Bridgetown, with the other products mined elsewhere and processed at the Bridgetown plant.

We are committed to producing products that meet the needs of our customers and are in specification according to law. 

Industries we serve:

A person holding potatoes in their hands
Dolomitic limestone is mined and processed to produce agricultural lime.

Calcitic limestone is sourced at our own mine on the West Coast and processed at Bridgetown.

Gypsum Mix as soil fertilizer is also sourced in the West Coast and Bushmanland, but processed and mixed at Bridgetown.
A pile of aggregate stones
Aggregate stones in sizes of 10mm mix, 10mm ,14mm and 20mm are produced at Bridgetown and used in the civil and construction industries to produce bricks and blocks or used in mortar mixes for foundations or in ready mix products.
A construction vehicle parked on a gravel road
All our G-products and Gravel Wearing Course are used in road building projects.

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