May 27, 2024

New Product Launched: Lime Sales Gypsum 3:1 Mix

New Product Launched: Lime Sales Gypsum 3:1 Mix

West Coast and Boesmanland 3:1 Gypsum Mix

Lime Sales has developed a new product through testing, research, and demand, called Gypsum 3:1 Mix. The mixture consists of West Coast and Boesmanland gypsum.

The combination of the West Coast gypsum's heavier material content and moisture percentage and the finely powdered and dry Boesmanland gypsum produces the perfect ratio.

In combination, the 3:1 mixture forms an optimal application product that results in incredibly effective distribution. There is minimal product loss and optimal distribution when applied to the ground. The ratio results in a heavier product that is evenly distributed with the moisture content mitigating dust as a significant factor.

Minimal product losses plus optimal yield = great value for money.

An in-depth product analysis has been conducted, and the results are very promising for customers seeking a product that not only optimises soil but also effectively applies its value.

The composition of the product can be viewed here.

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